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Office Icon ( Office Icon #2)

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of•fice fis, ofis),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a room, set of rooms, or building where the business of a commercial or industrial organization or of a professional person is conducted: the main office of an insurance company; a doctor's office.
  2. a room assigned to a specific person or a group of persons in a commercial or industrial organization: Her office is next to mine.
  3. a business or professional organization: He went to work in an architect's office.
  4. the staff or designated part of a staff at a commercial or industrial organization: The whole office was at his wedding.
  5. a position of duty, trust, or authority, esp. in the government, a corporation, a society, or the like: She was elected twice to the office of president.
  6. employment or position as an official: to seek office.
  7. the duty, function, or part of a particular person or agency: to act in the office of adviser.
  8. (cap.) an operating agency or division of certain departments of the U.S. Government: Office of Community Services.
  9. (cap.) [Brit.]a major administrative unit or department of the national government: the Foreign Office.
  10. hint, signal, or warning;
    high sign.
  11. Often,  offices. something, whether good or bad, done or said for or to another: He obtained a position through the offices of a friend.
  12. [Eccles.]
    • the prescribed order or form for a service of the church or for devotional use.
    • the services so prescribed.
    • Also called  divine office. the prayers, readings from Scripture, and psalms that must be recited every day by all who are in major orders.
    • a ceremony or rite, esp. for the dead.
  13. a service or task to be performed;
    chore: little domestic offices.
  14. offices, [Chiefly Brit.]
    • the parts of a house, as the kitchen, pantry, or laundry, devoted mainly to household work.
    • the stables, barns, cowhouses, etc., of a farm.
  15. [Older Slang.]privy.
office•less, adj. 


i•con kon),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a picture, image, or other representation.
  2. [Eastern Ch.]a representation of some sacred personage, as Christ or a saint or angel, painted usually on a wood surface and venerated itself as sacred.
  3. a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.
  4. a picture or symbol that appears on a monitor and is used to represent a command, as a file drawer to represent filing.
  5. [Semiotics.]a sign or representation that stands for its object by virtue of a resemblance or analogy to it.
Also,  eikon, ikon (for defs. 1, 2).

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